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Get Started with Laravel Breeze

Start your new Laravel project right with the Laravel Breeze starter package. Laravel Breeze makes it easy to add user login, registration, password reset, email verification, and password confirmation.

If you have ever written an app in PHP and manually coded the user registration system, you know how much time that takes to write all these pages in PHP. Laravel has made this easy for you with the new Breeze package.

Laravel 8

With Laravel version 8, you have the possibility to start off your application with two packages for your user registration system. One is the more complex package Jetstream, which I will discuss in a later post, and the other is the more basic Breeze package.

Tailwind CSS

Breeze is build with Laravel Blade and Tailwind CSS. The older Laravel UI package was build with Bootstrap. This will be a thing to adjust to for developers who are used to Boostrap.

Luckily Tailwind CSS is very easy to use. It uses inline classes to style your elements, without the pre-made styling that came with Bootstrap.

Bootstrap came with pre-made components, like cards, navigation bars and carousels. This makes it easy to use, but mostly you can tell that an application is built with Bootstrap, because of these components. The apps look quite similar.

Tailwind doesn’t provide these components or pre-styled buttons. You style everything in-line. For the positioning you can use classes that uses FlexBox CSS of CSS Grid. Here is a link to a cheat sheet with all the available classes of Tailwind CSS.

Install Laravel Breeze

We will add Breeze to a freshly installed and configured Laravel application.

We will use the command line to install Breeze.

The five commands below will add the package with the help of Composer. After that all files are installed and the assets are compiled. The last step adds the tables to your database.

Install commands for the Laravel Breeze package.

let’s check it out

Now you have access to a full-functioning login and registration system. You can see it for yourself by viewing the URL’s myproject.test/login or myproject.test/register.

A list of all the added Blade files:

  • login.blade.php
  • register.blade.php
  • reset-password.blade.php
  • forgot-password.blade.php
  • confirm-password.blade.php
  • verify-email.blade.php

Breeze vs Jetstream

The basic Breeze package provides more than enough for most applications. If you are building a larger application and require more functionality, then checkout Laravel Jetstream. Jetstream adds functionalities, like two-factor authentication, team management, session management and more.

Keep an eye out for the post about Jetstream. Coming soon!

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