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Get Started with Laravel Breeze

Start your new Laravel project right with the Laravel Breeze starter package. Laravel Breeze makes it easy to add user login, registration, password reset, email verification, and password confirmation.

If you have ever written an app in PHP and manually coded the user registration system, you know how much time that takes to write all these pages in PHP. Laravel has made this easy for you with the new Breeze package.


How To Add Custom Icons To My WordPress Menu Without Using Plugins?

Do you want to spice up your WordPress navigation menu with some cool custom icons? What if I tell you that you could do that for free, without a plugin and it is not that hard too! In this post we will download a few icons to use for your navigation menu. We will upload those icons to the WordPress Media Library and finally we will use the icons for our WordPress menu links with a few lines of CSS.

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SEO Tips To Improve Your Ranking On Google

How you write your content goes a long way to determine how high your website or blog will rank in user’s search results.Although at present the Google algorithm looks above all for authenticity when it comes to the content published on sites and blogs, it still uses various internal and external factors to determine whether one content is more relevant than the other.

How to update your WordPress website?

You might be tempted to ask why you need to update wordpress even when you have all the features you need. Well, let’s talk about that.
Better WordPress security as updates fix bugs and some other security vulnerabilities
More features and functionalities you don’t want to miss
Speed ​​and performance improvements that come with every new version
Support for modern templates, plugins and web technologies

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