My Goals as a Web Developer

My goal as a Freelance Web Developer is to build websites that:

  • Have a beautiful design
    Your website should be an eye-catcher that attracts your visitors attention.

  • Are easy to use
    An easy and clear interface that your visitors understand.

  • Lightweight for a high-performance
    All images are optimized and limited plugins are use to keep your website's loading time to a minimum.

  • Are easy to edit
    With a CMS you are able to edit your website easily.

  • Are optimized for search engines
    Your site is indexed by Google and others and the content is optimized for search engines.

  • Adapt to any digital device
    All sites are responsive designed. This means the site adapt to the screen of the digital device.

  • Stand out
    You don't want a copy of your competitions website, right? The look of the website will match your company's style.

  • Are profitable
    Call-to-actions and other elements are implemented to make those sells happen.

A WordPress Website

Maybe you have heard about WordPress already? That’s because more than 30% of all websites is powered by WordPress!

WordPress is a Content Management System that makes it possible for you to edit and update your content yourself. If you have a blog website build, you are able to post new blog posts yourself, without any coding knowledge.

To make sure you are confident enough to handle this, Windt Webdesign will create a custom training for your site, which explains every little step in keeping your content up to date. I will create a safe, personal evironment so you don’t have to worry about any mistakes you might make while editing your website. And if you have a WordPress Maintenance package with Windt Webdesign, a full back-up of your website is created on a regular basis, so you can always revert your changes.


Dynamic Web Applications

Are you looking for a PHP developer? I’m your guy! I can develop a dynamic web application, which communication with a MySQL database as back-end.

This comes in handy for management applications with a custom database, where the database needs to be designed specifically for your web app.

The choice of framework is Laravel. It is the most popular framework with very nice and clear code and easy to use. Interested? Contact me for the possibilities.


How much does it cost?

This is a popular question. The price of a project depends on the requirements.
There is a website for every budget. That is why I work with custom packages.

Maybe you want a simple blog and you deliver all the content yourself and you have also bought a theme to use?
Or perhaps you require a multilingual e-commerce web shop with a lot of image edits and customizations?

If you press the “Get A Quote” button, it opens up a small question form to gather information to get an idea what you might need.
With this information I will be able to send you a quote for the project within 24-hours.

When needed, will provide honest advice on all topics, don’t worry if you are not tech-minded. Together we will find out what you need for your website.
Just fill in the contact from at the bottom and I will get back to you shortly.

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" There is a website for every budget "

Other Costs

Keep in mind that a website brings yearly costs, like for web hosting, domain name, support and updates for premium plugins and themes for example.

With a Maintenance Package all prices are included, so you won’t get any surprises. Check the prices of the packages here.


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