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Do you run a business and seem not to understand the need of having a website? There are a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners thinking that they having a Facebook business page works just fine for what they do. But unfortunately a lot of amazing opportunities might slip by due to the fact that they run a business without a solid presence on the web.

As a webdesigner and web developer I come across a lot of start-ups, that have a great Facebook page, but lack a business website, especially where I live on Bonaire, while this is of most importance!

A Facebook business page is like the appetizer while the business website is the main course, it is a combination of these two that gives your business the needed boost, relevance and notice to the world.

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What is a business website exactely?

To better understand what a business website is, we need to draw a scenario. You are new in town and in need of a particular item or services, you then search online and different entries pop up, you click on one, check out the reviews, view portfolios and even discover that you can even place an order directly from the comfort of your phone or laptop! Easy right?

A business website is an online space that contains all the information that you would like to put out there for people to see so that they can have an idea of what you do. A website is like your store, online, which houses all that you offer and how you get it done. The different sections in your physical store are transferred onto your online space which is your website, it is where everyone can find you easily and transact with you. You can convince your customers and retain existing ones if your website is well built.

There are two important aspects of a business website: Usability and Aesthetics


Say if you bought a toothbrush that looks completely appealing only to discover that the bristles are not there? It won’t be able to serve the purpose for which it has been bought right? That is what usability means in website design and development. It means that your website has all the elements that would make it easy for the user to navigate their way through the different sections and actually get things done. Whether you are looking to provide your user with adequate information about your product or trying to convince them to actually make a purchase, the user must be able to do all of these things in the simplest way possible. Your website would not be the best to be ever designed but it has to be one of the seamless to be used. The world of online marketing is a big one with a lot of competition, so the best thing that you can do is to stand out with a website that guides the users through the different stages and spur them to take action.


Question: would you choose a burnt steak because someone told you it should be nice or you’d rather go for the neatly barbequed one with a great taste? Seeing is believing for social media users and with too many options to pick from, their attention span is limited. This is why aesthetics is an important part of your business’s website design.

Your business website is an online store and as an entrepreneur, you have to pay attention to how your store looks, both physically and online. 

Now that you know what a business website is and the important factors, let us delve into why it is important for you as an entrepreneur or startup owner to have a website for that business of yours and why a Facebook page is not the only way to convert customers or put your business out there. 

Now that you know the important parts of your business website, it is time to know why you need the website in the first place. Why is it important to have a business website in addition to your Facebook business page?

A business website attracts new customers

A common excuse that people have made as to why most business owners do not have a website is that they have a thriving physical business and they are satisfied with their earnings. What they have failed to realize is that if you get 10% of customers in your physical store, you will get multiple customers if your website is well structured. At least, a little above 70% of people would first research a business before making the decision to purchase. A website keeps the company running 24/7, even outside office hours or on weekends. For a physical store with a webshop site this means that the sale will continue after closing time!

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A website shows that you are serious about your business

Recent statistics show that a lot of people would rather purchase from someone that has a functional website rather than from someone that does not have one. The statistics further explains that having a website is seen as a sign of seriousness. With the influx of new technology, people tend to trust businesses based on how much they have moved with the tide. Websites gives you the chance of making a strong impression that you are a legitimate business. This positions your business better and it can be a good way of standing out in a gradually overcrowded market.

A website makes it easy for your customers to reach you

People want to do things in an easy way and would always stick to the one that is less stressful. With a business website that is well designed, people can easily find you on search engines, discover your business and find out about all that you do. 

Although your Facebook page would pop up on search engines as well, it is not enough. When results on these search engines pop up and your potential customers see their options and would choose those with a website over those without. This is why it is important to build a website for your business so that your potential customers can find you and stick with you.

Social media page might not give you the needed reach

Digital marketing options are varied and each one is gradually evolving, this is why having a Facebook page might not be enough because its reach is gradually closing up. Your business is on Facebook but every other business is there too, this is why you should take your marketing a step further by investing in a business website.

With the rate at which it is becoming harder for businesses to connect with their potential customers due to the plummeting algorithms of Facebook and with new emerging interests in other social media platforms, it is very important for you to have a website so as to open other marketing channels for your business.

Amazing ROI, not expensive to set up

Business websites are more cost-effective than people assume and if you consider the return on investment, you will agree that it is an investment that is worth every penny you put into it. A website is the most important way of getting your business out there and by the time you get the perks of having a website, you will be glad.

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A business website saves you a lot of time

Picture yourself having to answer calls, clear customer’s orders, track the delivery and also inform them about new promotional offers. It is going to be too much to handle right? This is why you need a website, you can conveniently communicate with potential customers while retaining old ones through a functional website.

Your website can give answers to questions asked by your customers, it can also make it easy for them to place orders for your products and track their deliveries. New promotional content is also made available to them. How much time you would have spent setting all of these up? A website ends up saving you a lot of time and this can be used to focus on the other important parts of your business.

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