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SEO Tips To Improve Your Ranking On Google

SEO TIP 1: Content is king

How you write your content goes a long way to determine how high your website or blog will rank in user’s search results.

Although at present the Google algorithm looks above all for authenticity when it comes to the content published on sites and blogs, it still uses various internal and external factors to determine whether one content is more relevant than the other.

Contrary to what many people believe, Google does not care if a certain content is better or worse than another. Google’s job is not to analyze this, but the relevance of that content for the search that the user is doing.

When you type something in your browser, Google looks for the best possible answer. Not necessarily the “best” content comes out ahead, as the meaning of “best” is quite subjective.

What matters to Google is the relevance of that content for the user who made that search. If an article answers the user’s doubts, then that content is more relevant than another.

SEO TIP 2: Internal linking to other relevant content on your site

One of the most used methods and with the best results, in terms of positioning, are internal links (interlinking). This technique helps to improve navigability and user experience on web pages.

It can be summarized that internal links are part of an OnPage technique that is based on redirecting the user to an article or page hosted within our own domain. It is of vital importance, especially when guiding both users and Google robots within a website.

They decrease the bounce rate, they transfer authority and revive old entries.

SEO TIP 3: Write on other blogs as guestwriter

Tip number 3 of the SEO tips is the guest post , or the publication of a blog article as a guest author. The guest post is a fabulous strategy that brings many benefits to online businesses and blogs looking to gain authority and improve their presence on the Internet.

A guest post or article as a guest , is a great strategy content marketing and SEO Off Page that helps elevate the authority of your brand and enhance your reputation; It is about publishing an article of yours , written as a guest author, on a third-party blog .

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SEO TIP 4: The importance of using alt-tags with images

The easiest of all these SEO tips in to apply image alt-attributes. Search engines use this attribute to identify image content , as image files generally cannot be read by search engine crawlers. It is also useful to provide alternative text for users and specifically for visually impaired users who have websites read by reading programs.

For SEO , the ALT tag plays an important role for both the user and the search engine as content for Googlebot. If the ALT attribute is displayed without browser support, the usability of the website will not be affected. Through the alternative text, the user can see what should be rendered. For search engines, ALT-tags provide important indications about the content of the image and especially the context of a website.

SEO TIP 5: Improve your SEO with the Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

Last of the SEO tips, but definitely no the least is a famous SEO plugin. The plugin Yoast SEO with over 5 million active installations and a 5-star rating is one of the favourite tools for WordPress users.

Yoast SEO allows us to:

1. Create the sitemap and send it to search engines.

2. Change the permanent links of pages and entries

3. Add meta tags for robots: index, noindex, nofollow, dofollow.

4. Automatically generate the canonical URL .

5. Easily change the title, URL and meta description of each page or item. It shows us what it will look like in the search results.

6. Optimize the SEO of each article or page in relation to the keywords you want to use.

7. It helps to improve the readability of the content.

8. Connect Google Search Console. and inform us of possible tracking problems.

9. Associate social media profiles with our website

10. Adjusts title, text and images when sharing your content on social networks.

As we can see, its functionality includes virtually everything needed to positioning of our content in search engines. We just need to worry about the generate it.

These are a couple of relatively easy SEO tips you can apply yourself. If you are looking for more advice when it comes to SEO, check out the SEO section on the services page and/or use the contact form to get in touch.

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